Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Exodus 11

Moses departs from Pharaoh's presence in "hot anger."  The cost of Pharaoh's hardened heart is going to be great and painful.  Maybe that's why Moses leaves in such a fashion.

Lord, I know that the cost of not responding to You is great and painful.  I understand what You say will happen to those who do not come to You in faith; help me to be stirred to action, to choose to advocate You rather than my comfort and leisure.  Please don't let me sit - unconcerned, aloof and remote while those in my circle of influence choose to ignore You.  God, if I need to have hot anger, then give it to me.  Enrage me against the success of the enemy that I might be useful to Your Kingdom's cause.  It's not all good; don't let me live as if it were.

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