Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Exodus 15

Lord, You are my strength, my song; but in this season, I have come to know You as my Salvation, my Rescue, my Redemption.  Lord, You are.

I praise You, my God, that You are a Warrior, You do battle, not just report it or dispatch others.  You are a warrior, teach me Your ways of war.

You will lead the people You have redeemed (like me) with Your faithful love; faithful, curious and sometimes severe love.  But You redeem and You lead.  I praise You.  And I follow You.

Lord, Your children finally are allowed that journey of three days into the wilderness so they could worship You.  They experienced three days without locating water. ... did they look for You?  Would I?   When water was found, it was bitter; but You provided the wood (even back here bitterness and a tree are part of Your story) to sweeten their refreshment and need.  Teach me Lord, to focus on You in the work of worship, the consequence of consecration and sacrifice of sacredness.

God, then they grumbled.  Please keep my words as sweet as the waters became.  Let me not complain, grumble or gripe about circumstances You have sovereignly deemed right for me.  Lord, whether in comfort or distress, may I bring You praise.  It should not matter in what estate I find myself as I seek to bring You glory.  Give me eyes to see You in all places, situations and times.


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