Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Job 39

... for God did not endow her with wisdom
   or give her a share of good sense. ...

God does intend for some of His creatures to not be blessed with wisdom nor apportioned common sense.  People are the only ones to whom He offers wisdom.  God has given me a thinking brain; but He tells me, compels me to seek wisdom.  Scripture teaches wisdom is something I can grow in and attain; but I must participate in it, pursue it and value it.  Then I must choose to walk in it.  That right response to the Most High God.

Lord God, I  bless Your Name, Your Name is Wisdom.  Thank You for Your divine provision of wisdom; thank You for making wisdom available to me.  Thank You for giving me a teachable mind that can learn good sense lessons.  Holy Spirit, please grow me in humility and keep me teachable.  Let me learn what You have prepared for me to learn and not be concerned with what others are learning.  I echo Moses' request that You would teach me Your ways that I may know You better and continue to find favor with You.  Lord Jesus, help me to learn from You that I may obey as graciously and honorably as You.  Keep me yoked up with You, my Jesus. Even if I distract from the lesson or I kick against the goads, please let me kick until I bleed; just don't turn me loose to wander the field of life without You.

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