Sunday, June 5, 2011

Job 30

And now those young men mock me in song;
   I have become a byword among them.
They detest me and keep their distance;
   they do not hesitate to spit in my face.
Now that God has unstrung my bow and afflicted me,
   they throw off restraint in my presence. 

Be careful what and how I celebrate.  

Am I using anyone's name as a synonym for an unclean thing or unflattering way?

From whom am I keeping my distance?  

How do I treat those that detest me?  What would I do if someone spat in my face?

What is my response to those who throw off restraint in front of me?

How do I treat those for whom God has unstrung their bows, undone their plans, unfixed their anchors?  

What sympathy, care or prayer do I intentionally give for those who are afflicted?

Lord God, Your ways are not my ways.  I cannot imagine, think or ask big enough to anticipate Your plans; but often, I don't know what's going on.  I don't know what to say.  Thank You for these words which challenge me to celebrate right things and to commemorate them in an honoring fashion.  Keep me speaking truth and ensure that when I speak, it is not carelessly or disparagingly.  Give me a heart for those that You desire I engage with, despite my natural desire to avoid them.  Let me give grace in rejection; confident that I have Your acceptance.  Help me to quickly land on blessing others in the face of spitting - my face, that is.   Grant me wisdom and Your words for those who pursue wantonness in my presence or within my influence.  Let me be light and love for those who are stupefied and stuck in an endless loop from a sudden program deletion, back to square one due to unexpected and extensive changes to their life's blueprint or sifting through ashes in place of aspirations and ambitions.  Let me encourage and love in response to affliction and pain, help me to learn from Job's need that I may be useful to others.  His words break my heart, Lord.  What do You want to do with that?  Glorify Yourself in this, expand Your Kingdom for Your Name's sake.  Would You please give Job a hug from me?

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