Sunday, June 12, 2011

Job 36

Look, God is greater than we can understand.
     His years cannot be counted.
  He draws up the water vapor
     and then distills it into rain.
  The rain pours down from the clouds,
      and everyone benefits.
  Who can understand the spreading of the clouds
      and the thunder that rolls forth from heaven?
 See how he spreads the lightning around him
      and how it lights up the depths of the sea.
  By these mighty acts he nourishes the people,
      giving them food in abundance.
  He fills his hands with lightning bolts
      and hurls each at its target.
 The thunder announces his presence;
      the storm announces his indignant anger.

Elihu is certainly smart.  No one would rebuke his credentials in knowledge; but his people skills are lacking.  His accuracy in speaking for the Lord is quite off.  He has not consulted the God of the Universe to truly know what He would have said, if anything.  And, yet, he purportedly speaks for God.

Father, please help me not to use any knowledge I may be entrusted with to do the work of love, encouragement, wisdom or a specific word from You.  Please teach me restraint that I may not use words to make much of You or a situation when I do not speak rightly and accurately.  I know You need no defense nor do You need my help.  Help my words truly bring You glory and accomplish Your purposes.

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