Monday, June 13, 2011

Job 38

Then the LORD spoke to Job out of the storm.

I wonder if Job really registered the storm after surviving such activity, loss and "encouragement." In the wake of all that Job has experienced, the LORD speaks.  The Sovereign King of the Universe, the One in whom all authority and power and majesty and might reside, speaks out of the storm.  The One Job had been waiting for. 

I thank You Father that You are the Sovereign God over all.  I praise You that You still speak and that nothing can eclipse Your words.  

God's words are not the expected compassion poured out on a grieving child; but they are truth.  They probably aren't what Job expected or wanted - I am not sure that any words would have "fixed" what was broken in Job; but God's words were right.  They are right.  
No matter what happens to anyone, it is still God who is in charge.  God who gets the glory.  God who sovereignly, wisely, and perfectly is still God.  It is not about me, my preferences, my fears, my name, my comfort.  

I am reminded to continue yielding to God; because that is the right response - and only by His grace am I able to know that.  That is all I can do, respond honorably to God.  Even if I don't, He is no less God nor less in charge.  My response affects my life and relationship with Him and subsequently everything else.  I can't afford to put the focus on me, no matter how much I want to, how naturally it happens, how much I think I know or have experienced. 

 It is God.  
     Only God.  
           Of God.  
               By God.   
                    For God. 
                         To the praise of God. 

Again, I thank You LORD for including me in Your plans to make Your Name great.  Please continue enabling me and giving me the desire to want to rightly respond to You.  You are trustworthy, always.  I choose You again, today.

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