Monday, June 6, 2011

Job 31

For I dreaded destruction from God,
   and for fear of his splendor I could not do such things. (what Job did do)

... if I have concealed my sin as people do,
   by hiding my guilt in my heart
   because I so feared the crowd
   and so dreaded the contempt of the clans
   that I kept silent and would not go outside—  (what Job did not do)

Job awe, fear and respect was of the majesty of God and His power.  Job did not have his heart set on earning the respect or high response of people.   His fear was not of the "crowd or clans;" but of God.  Job could be confident of his steps and choices as they flowed from his response to God and not man.

Father, please keep me so engaged with Your great majesty and presence that nothing man does impacts me before being rightly framed by You, Your Word, Your Holy Spirit.  Holy Spirit, please help me seek first the Kingdom of God and that divine righteousness.  I confess that I am all too often wanting to please man.  I am addicted to the verdicts of mere mortals at the cost of putting God on hold.  I renounce that proclivity.  I want God's opinion to be mine, I want His majesty to rule my life, I want to live that Kingdom-minded, Kingdom-styled life He has called me to (the one He paid so dearly for).  I can't do this, nor will I even want this reliably without Your power in my heart, my mind and my mouth.  Teach me Your ways and let me walk in Your light.  Jesus, please keep me yoked up with You; even when I buck like a bronco trying to escape Your authority and lead.  I want You, I want You - even when I choose to be lazy or rebellious rather than to choose You, I.want.You.  I need You, too.  I desire to be a work with Your Name on it rather than mine, the world's or the enemy's.  To the praise of Your Name and no other, the greatness of Your Kingdom and the Majesty of God.  

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