Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Genesis 16

And Sarai said to Abram, "Behold now, the LORD has ... Go ... it may be that ...  ."  

As demonstrated in the Garden and now here, a wife has amazing influence over her husband.  Even Sarai's reasoning is potent as she attributes her predicament as what God has done to her, yet it is she who must resolve the problem.  Never mind that Abe is the one hearing directly from the King of the Universe.

The firm direction to go and act is predicated on the very ethereal "perhaps" this will fix the dilemma.

Lord God, all things pass through Your hands and You are sovereign at all times.  Thank You for being beyond time and influence.  Lord, keep me from misusing the attention my husband gives me for godless and unbelieving plans.  Help me to not play the victim when I am not.  Help me to be content and useful as You whisper Your promises to him and to trust You to work out all that You have in store for us in Your perfection; even when Your ways cause me to tremble.  I submit my "git'r done" tendency to You and ask that You glorify Yourself through my life when, how and as it pleases You.  Restrain me and train me to not fix things which are not broken; no matter how incongruous Your promises and my life appear.  Please, please keep me from acting in response to "it may be that ... " when I haven't even heard from You nor prayed about what it may not be.  Father, help me steward Your great Name, Your promises, Your salvation as honorably and faithfully as You created me to.  I can't do it apart from You; and help me to never try.

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