Monday, June 20, 2011

Genesis 14

Abram takes 318 men to soundly defeat a king's triumphant army of armies, takes custody of all the captives and spoils of war, meets up with a new king who is also a priest of God Most High, who blesses and refreshes Abe, and one of the defeated kings in the King's Valley.  Is is me, or this the stuff of legend?

God's blessing of those who bless Abe will be blessed and those who curse will be cursed is really kicking in here.  Abe was promised that he's be a great nation, too.  Yet, Abe will not become that nation at the cost of another's kingdom.  Grace, patience, contentment, peace; a richness in his soul which yields a generosity in his life.  

The life of Abe is more incredible when the new non-confrontational king/priest blesses him and Abe gives the king/priest a tenth of all the swag.  Finally, the loser king requests or demands his people back; but allows Abe to keep the booty, (Abe refuses to possess the plunder).

The interesting points for me are that:

1.  Abe would take on such a quest in his elder years (he was 75 years when God busted him out of his little life in Ur),
2.  such a small number could subdue such a large number and quickly, 
3.  the king/priest would show up before the request of the defeated king, 
4.  the defeated king would have the hutzpah to ask anything of the mighty Abe.  

My new challenges from this passage are:

1.  despite my meager resources and influence, they will be sufficient for the cause of God Most High - so don't sweat the apparent lack of the physical when God Most High invites me on an adventure.
2.  God knows how old or young, experienced or naive, equipped or naked, able or incapable I am.  He is not disturbed by my battle experience or previous failures.  Nor does He want me to do anything but obey faithfully.  My resume' is not important, either way.
3.  When God Most High blesses me with swag, it is profoundly important to tithe on it (return a tenth or better to Him) at my first opportunity.  The enemy, the world, the phone solicitors will have other plans for the resources and will come calling.  I must make sure to remove faithfully the portion dedicated to God lest I become distracted or greedy.
4.  The Lord can give me victory in an area; but it is not mine exclusively.  I am to share the liberty He provides me with those He brings to me.  His battle, His victory, His swag, His call on the dispensation.  
4.5 .  The victories God gives me are not to make me rich and famous at another's expense.  They are His, for His glory and not my own.
5.  Life with God Most High is not for the faint of heart.  

God Most High, King of Peace and Priest Forever, I praise You for the truth You give me.  Let me celebrate You in every facet of the adventure You call me to.  May I be brave enough to withstand and relish all of the questing You have appointed for me.   May I live in godly liberty that others can share richly, abundantly in Your triumph.  Help me to steward well, faithfully and promptly all that You entrust to me and to yield all the glory to You, Your Name and Your Kingdom.  I praise You that my background is not a deal-breaker nor a deal-maker.  You are God alone! 


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