Saturday, October 29, 2011

When God’s Spirit Moves – Day 35: Zechariah 4, 6, 7

Hard heart equals spiritual deafness.  Spiritual deafness is like spiritual deadness, for when a heart does not beat – that’s death.  I am in charge of the condition i want my heart to be.  Lord i want my heart to be fervently beating for You, i desire keen hearing and discernment which only comes from listening to You.  I yield to You.  Spirit of God, speak that i may hear and understand. Communicate with me that i may obey.    I pray that i would receive Your constant infusing of Your Holy Spirit.


  1. This is a beautiful prayer, I pray with you and also for me.

  2. Joan, thank you for your kind words and prayer. And for stopping by. You have blessed me.