Friday, October 21, 2011

When God’s Spirit Moves – Day 27: Isaiah 63

We have become like those over whom you have never ruled,
   like those who are not called by your name.

Lord God, so tempting is the lure to look like those who aren't Yours.  The culture, the media, the market and even the some of those who gather in Your Name prioritize the "becoming" like the world.  The urgency to be different by looking like everyone else ... that doesn't even make sense; but that's what we do.  Passively, carelessly or intentionally - we follow along with the culture's edicts unless You intervene.  Unless You give us ears to hear and a heart to heed Your call to be unlike those over whom You have never ruled and more like the Christ You have given to us.  

God, we have dressed Your precious Holy Spirit in garments that are acceptable, predictable, unremarkable; we have taken the Holy from You and clothed You with the common, generic, ordinary.  Idolatry is what we've perpetrated - a rendering, an extreme makeover of Deity to a regular g.o.d.  Forgive us.  

Holy Spirit, rip off those ridiculous efforts to make You bland and vanilla and be Who You are.  All of Who You are - in us, among us and on us.  And anywhere else You please.  We need You to teach us Holy.  Sacredness.  Majesty.  Be You that we may be who You created us to be, to praise of Your very great Name and the glory of Your Presence.

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