Sunday, October 23, 2011

When God’s Spirit Moves – Day 29: Ezekiel 8

Lord God, I thank You for the mercy You have shown us, for the precious gift of Your only Son.  Jesus, I have so much gratitude for the mercy You have given us in laying down Your life after serving so lovingly and graciously in the brief time You lived on this earth.  Holy Spirit, You are mercy and You live with me.  I praise You for Your presence.

Lord, I pray that You would give me eyes to see where I have placed idols in and around my life and my worship of You.  I don't ever want to make You jealous, for I know I am Yours.  Please help me to be more faithful.  

Holy Father, I pray that You would keep our leaders from ever offering prayer to another, from sacrificing to honor anyone but You and from elevating anyone above Your Name and Position.  That You would always and only be our focus in the temple of Your Name.   Never let us think that we are getting away with anything which dishonors or profanes You.  Convict, break, chase us with holy unrest and discomfort until we repent. 

Precious Savior, please do not allow us to give ourselves, our emotions, our tears, our strength, our passion to anyone but You.  No one is worthy but You.  Help us to see the choices we make are choices we are making - and remind us of our allegiance to You.  Oh Messiah, especially for the women I pray that You would purify our minds and our motives that our responses may be holy and God-honoring, encouraging the Body and still sacred.  We are emotional folks, instruct us in authentic and pure responses to You and to others.  

Holy Spirit, holy by nature, please keep us from desecrating the holy temple You have provided for us by giving our worship, our attention, our faces to anything but You.  Break us before You allow us to bow down to anything created - even a glorious creation - that we may remain unto You as You have called us to be. 

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