Thursday, October 20, 2011

When God’s Spirit Moves – Day 26: Isaiah 61

Destitute, devastated, despairing, darkness-dwelling, un-delivered, anguished, agonized, ash-bearing captives.
These are those that the LORD will free, heal, sustain, anoint and adorn with praise.  The Sovereign Lord will use these to promote Himself with.  He will display His glorious splendor through these towering  examples of righteousness. 

Lord God of All, Anointed One, Appointed One, I praise Your very great Name and the glory You reveal.  Lord, I am just "shut-upped" with these words.  You rescued me when I was so very young that I was delivered away from much, by Your grace.  I know my potential for  darkness was there; but You- in perfect love and wisdom - acted before I could.  You kept me off the menu of sin's consuming hunger.  Because of Your very great mercies to me (and I thank You for that), I don't feel as if I can bring You much glory - I don't think I have brought You much thus far; certainly not be much more than a seedling example of righteousness for Your great Name - again, only by Your grace and power.  

It's just that those that have been in agony and devastation seem to be a  better choice in the forest of Your fame than one shown such extraordinary love and grace; perhaps I could be in Your pottery collection of faithfulness.  And yet, my God, I know that I was that poor devastated soul in need of Your exceedingly great news.  I was that sightless one, stuck in sin's ravenous pit.  I was born into sin and I behaved as a sinner - albeit, a polite and considerate, freckle-faced one.  I know that the deep pit was to be my home if it weren't for Your kind intervention on my behalf.  I know the corruption I can entertain.  I know that it is only YOUR righteousness and none of ours (mine).

Father, help me to receive all of Your Word for me; don't let me not drink deeply or dine well because I haven't traveled the path of many others ... because You have divinely chosen my path for me.  Lord, help me steward well and pleasingly what You have entrusted to me.  Never, please never, never let me think less of my witness of You because it doesn't compare to others.  Lord, it is still my witness of YOU  and that is mind-blowing. Please help me to believe You and Your Word.   Holy Spirit, remind me of the Cross, keep me centered on the good news, responding to the LORD God Almighty, my Messiah Christ Jesus and You, the Spirit of the Living God.  Because, I do want to bear good and much fruit - and only plants do that, huh?  Thank You for that. You are always good to me – because, You are always good.

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