Wednesday, October 5, 2011

When God’s Spirit Move - Day 11: 2 Chronicles 24

Then the Spirit of God clothed Zechariah ...

The wording reminds me of  the latter directions to put on the full armor of God and clothe yourself in the Lord Jesus Christ.  He was not costumed in God's Holy Spirit, nor was he half-dressed; he was clothed - fitted, measured and viola! Clothed.  Completely.  Nothing too big or too small.  Perfectly dressed in the Spirit of God.  And ready to speak some hard words to important people.

Lord, help me to remember that You have clothed me with Yourself.  That I am perfectly dressed to do that which You have called me to do.  Let me walk in the confidence of a warrior, of a runway model knowing that all eyes are on You and what You are doing - I'm just the one wearing Holy.  Your clothing did not keep Zechariah from being killed.  Holy Spirit, since You clothed him, You were with him in his murder.  I praise You that  You neither leave nor decay in hard times.  And that You see Your people through that which You call them to do.  Help me to face the days You have prepared for me in bold confidence of Your enduring presence and love.  Clothe me according to Your masterful design, that I may show Your holy colors.

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