Monday, October 24, 2011

When God’s Spirit Moves – Day 30: Ezekiel 11

When the exiles return, they will remove every trace of the vile and detestable images, the egregious idols. Which suggests to me the ones who appear favored (by being in the homeland) are not faithful. The ones left behind judge the exiles as being far from God … While they entertain idols.

Lord God over the residents and exiles, please help my heart to be fully yielded to you. Wherever i am, please stir in me a passion for devotion to You. Let me not adopt the standards of my time and culture, rather guide me to pure worship and celebration of You. And please keep me from making circumstance-based judgments and decisions of anyone in or out of exile, may i not determine who’s favored by appearances … May i look only to You. And may i increase in gratitude to You for the grace, mercy and favor You bestow on me. You are Lord of All and i must live in response to that truth.

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