Sunday, May 15, 2011

Job 9

Job asks who can be in the right before God, what can he do without a mediator?  Job describes God's awesome holiness, power and presence; he acknowledges that even if he were in the right all he could do is beg for mercy.  Job clearly sees his predicament, amidst his suffering and loss.  I wonder if he had ever known the situation so clearly before that first day?

What Job is asking for is a Savior.  Without a Redeemer, we are all in the same situation before God - not in the right, no defense, in need of mercy and a mediator to go between us. 

Thank You Lord Jesus for being the One to go between the Lord God Almighty and me, for paying my debt and pleading mercy for me.  I thank You that You didn't do a half job of arbitration; but that You saw my need and met it completely - at great cost to You and Your Name.  How marvelous You are, my Lord and my God.  Thank You for being the Answer to the need of every person ever created.  May they all have eyes to see, hearts to respond and strength to yield to You.

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