Monday, May 2, 2011

Genesis 7

Then the LORD said to Noah, "Enter the ark, you and all your household, for you alone I have seen to be righteous before Me in this time.

Noah alone was the righteous one, yet all of his family was permitted to join him.  What grace God gives to him.  What blessings the righteousness of a believer brings to one's family.  Noah's family was also his workforce; so the opportunity of blessings of one righteous person extended to the job-place.  The daunting task of building such a vessel took a great deal of time which would have brought extended exposure to holiness as this righteous person engaged in the market place and community giving witness to his God.

Two challenges hit me from this verse.  One, never grow weary of well-doing; God notices and it matters spiritually and in this present time.  Pursue righteousness, despite the conditions.    Secondly, Noah gave witness with his righteousness, and all those who encountered him had to respond.  Holiness will require a response.  Noah did not alter his pursuit of righteousness in response to the others; he pursued blamelessness in response to God. 

Oh Lord, I want to be blameless in my generation.  I want to pursue You and that sanctified life you intend for me rather than living in reaction to the culture and climate of my time.  Please give me wisdom to discern the tides which pull me, strength for the sacred journey, and an enduring passion to complete the task You've assigned me.  May I glorify You in my home, work and life, may I choose the righteous path for Your Name's sake.


  1. Often not an easy commitment to live up to, being human. But so worth the reward! "May I glorify You in my home, work and life, may I choose the righteous path for Your Name's sake" that our witness would be worthy and visible to others.

  2. Agreed, Miawa. Being human is a complicated matter - but our Reward is great, indeed. Thanks for pointing that out.