Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Genesis 8 - Are We There, Yet?!

But God remembered Noah and all the beasts and all the cattle that were with him in the ark; 

God remembers Noah the blameless and all the critters.  No mention of the family of Noah.  Had they still not set their hearts towards righteousness?  Oh, Holy Spirit, please let me always yield to the hungering and thirsting for righteousness that You give me.  Let me eat eagerly and drink deeply from Your supply of holiness that I would bring You glory.  Help me to encourage those in my circle of influence and in my prayers to pursue that, as well.  

... So he waited yet another seven days; and again he sent out the dove from the ark. ... So Noah knew that the water was abated from the earth. Then he waited yet another seven days ... Now it came about in the six hundred and first year, in the first month, on the first of the month, the water was dried up from the earth. ... In the second month, on the twenty-seventh day of the month, the earth was dry. Then God spoke to Noah, saying, "Go out of the ark..."

A week plus a week and then another nearly two months before Noah leaves the ark.  No mention is made of him trying to pry open the door, climb out the window or even asking the God of the Rain and Land if they could pretty please step out for some fresh air.  Noah waits on God.  Even beyond the point when Noah knows that the land is dry.  

Oh, Lord Jesus, that I could follow Noah's example and Yours to wait upon the LORD.  Quietly, patiently, amidst prodigious discomfort, possible duress and probably doo-doo.  Help me to always remember that You are my Comfort, my Fresh Air, my Governor, my God.  If I don't wait on You, I go without You and I know I don't want that.  Give me the spiritual caution (brakes) to never step beyond where You have placed me - especially when the land looks dry  -  unless You say, "Go out of here."  May I bring You glory in the going and in the waiting.

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