Friday, May 13, 2011

Job 6

... But it is still my consolation,
         And I rejoice in unsparing pain,
         That I have not denied the words of the Holy One....

Despite all the "unsparing pain," grief, loss and heartache Job is experiencing, he has "not denied the words of the Holy One."  He is consoled in that; he rejoices in his consuming despair.  Wow.  He really was worth bragging on. 

Lord, I thank You that Job maintains his faith in You while drowning in the suffering of his circumstances.  I thank You for Your love and confidence in his devotion to You.  I am inspired  that Job can rejoice in his hurt because of You - and he recognizes that You have allowed these things.  What a challenge to me to praise You in all of my minutes, to be comforted by Your words.  Please don't let me deny any of Your words.  Lord, where I have Your opportunity to console a friend, please give me Your words for that time.  Don't let me be reckless with any of Your words; but let me offer just what You have for that particular situation.  Help me to stay quiet until You direct me.  And help me to go to those that need Your consolation and not just pray from afar - even though You know how You made me.


  1. I like the story of Job.

  2. I am finding it quite hard to read one chapter a day. The words, the loss, the despair. It is good as it's from God; but it is difficult for me. I am pleased you like Job.