Monday, May 30, 2011

Job 24

...There are those who rebel against the light, 
   who do not know its ways or stay in its paths....
   they want nothing to do with the light.
   For all of them, midnight is their morning; 
   they make friends with the terrors of darkness.... 

Light is a fact.  
     There are those who rebel against the truth of light, the authority of light.

Light has a way, a path to follow.  
     The journey in light can be known and kept.

Light is a choice.  
     The decision touches everything, even when nothing is decided upon.

Light's morning dawns true.
     Pitch darkness is the morning of rebellion.

Light introduces mercies afresh.
     Torment of death's shadow haunts the night.

I choose light.  I choose Light.  Thank You Lord God for Your light, thank You Lord Jesus that You are the Light.  Give me eyes to see the light, passion for Your light and the strength and endurance to always choose Light's way.

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