Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Job 12

... He who is at ease holds calamity in contempt ...
Does not the ear test words, as the palate tastes its food?...

How easy to be contemptuous about calamity when it is not happening to you.  You can feel badly and almost always offer advice; but when the experience is not yours, the words can ring a bit hollow to the hearer as well as the speaker ... if you're still listening.

My challenge is to consider my words before I say them.  How will they be received?  Do I intend that meaning or should I further test my words until they accomplish God's purpose?  Does what I want to say reflect what God would have me to say?  Do I need to comment on the "misfortune" of another?

How about my body language?  How is my nonverbal communication speaking for me?

Is there an area in which I desire to be contemptuous?  

I can always speak a word; but I cannot ever take back a word once spoken.

Lord God of my tongue, please help me test my words before I toss them out.  I do not want to be contemptuous in word or action.  Please shut my mouth if I am about to be an open gate for pride, disputation, scorn, truculence, babblewhack or anything which is non-glorifying to You.  I submit my tongue and my mind to You and Your wisdom.

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