Friday, March 9, 2012

Ruth 4

Going from Mara (bitter) to Nana (=}), what a blessing!  Rahab the prostitute to Grammy.  Who would have thought.  Ruth was a widow, and Boaz is mysterious but godly.  What a family gathering little Obed would have. 

What hits me is that this story ends with David, future king; but Naomi didn't know how significant this line would be in history, how the Lord would use these events - especially the tragic ones as they put her in position for God's rerouting her plans.  Ruth had no idea her choosing the God of Israel would lead to such ripples in the history of the world.  And Boaz, .... 

Lord God, You challenge me to be faithful and full of faith in the dailyness of the yes's and no's of my little life.  God, I often only think of the moment and fail to consider that perhaps the pond of life will ripple out in much glory to Your Name.  I desire to be more Ruth-like and Rahab-esque, to see You and pursue you with my whole heart rather than to live the life of a blessed child (of Yours) who grumbles about Your plans.  Holy Spirit, teach me joy.  Help me to rejoice and be grateful in all things...Let my knee-jerk reactions reflect pure trust in You and not  the mad mutterings of a miserable malcontent.  God You are enough.  I believe that.  May my family and I live that truth.  I praise You.

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