Monday, March 19, 2012

1 Samuel 10

If I lived close to a prophet, then I am certain I would be plunking down payments often to see what the LORD said about where my (don)keys went and what to do about those teenaged people living in my house ; but I wonder if it would ever be just to see what He wanted to say to me. Sort of a lunch date with God. Would I treat this as such a common thing – that near access to the divine – that I would neglect the opportunity for the greater things? The short walk would seem unappealing as the question was so very significant, difficult, devastating; so beyond the regular ways of finding the answers.

If I lived far from a prophet, I can imagine that I would not inquire much as the travel would be hard, the need may pass before I could get to the answer and back, the perceived effort required would exceed the perceived value of the the answer. (ouch) A faithful pursuit of God’s words would require a lifestyle which planned for that trip. Would I plan accordingly? Would I insist on making room in the schedule and rhythm of life and community to regularly seek His answers from a distant locale?

What would these choices reveal about what I believed about God?

Thank You precious Lord that You have given me this time and place, Your divine presence in this very accessible jar and Your words at my fingertips. I confess that sometimes, I still behave as if You are a distant commodity rather than living with me. Other times, I ask You all of the little and inconsequential things; but I take on the “weightier” matters myself…or with my family and friends. God help me to live in full response to Your full availability to me. To neither think of You as a cheap method of finding my (don)keys nor too far to consult. I know You are the Sovereign LORD of the Universe, the King of the World, Time and Beyond, the Ancient of Days; but I also know that You are my God, my Messiah, my Counselor and Advocate. Help me to pursue You with all I am, knowing that You are here and with me. I praise You.

… God gave him (Saul) another heart …. valiant men went with him, whose hearts God had touched.

Thank You for giving me another heart and for not merely touching mine. I pray that You would continue to touch my heart all the days of my life, that I may follow valiantly after You, my King.

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