Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ruth 1

Orpah kissed her mother-in-law, but Ruth clung to her.

I can kiss (muwah, muwah) or I can cling. What do my actions say about my devotion to God? To my family? To those my Lord has entrusted to me? Lord God, thank You for my family and my circle. You know the troubles and decisions facing so many of them even tonight; I pray that they would cling to You. And they would know You cling to them. Blessing and honor, glory and power unto Your Name be praised. Help me, Holy Spirit know and pray for them to birth what You have in store for Your Name and for my precious people. Find me a faithful intercessor and not a slacker on these frighteningly serious matters of this temporal span. Help me cling to You in ever-increasing measure of love, faith and trust.

~I praise You that You never entreat me to leave you, – I thank You Father that You never ask me to leave You and that You never leave me nor forsake me
~Or to turn back from following after you; – I praise You that You never turn away from me, no matter if I get distracted
~For wherever you go, I will go; – oh Lord, take me with You; I want to go wherever You go, even when it it is looks hard and appears lonely and seemingly unfair – for I know that You are GOOD
~And wherever you lodge, I will lodge; – You have given me the privilege to be Your dwelling place, oh that I would always be a loving and gracious home for Your Presence
~Your people shall be my people, – Your people are precious to me, increase my imagination and heart for loving and praying for them according to Your glorious plans
~And You, God, are my God – the only true God
~Where You have me live and die, I will live and die, – and I welcome Your plans for me
~And where I will be buried, I know that will not be the end for You, God, have eternal plans for me
~The Lord do so to me, and more also, – as long as You are glorified and made much of
~And I praise You that nothing, not even death can part You and me.

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