Friday, March 30, 2012

1 Samuel 21

crazy like a fox. innocent/harmless/guileless/simple as doves; but crafty/wise/shrewd/cunning/sagacious like serpents ….

Interesting to me that David walks into Philistine territory with The Sword of Goliath. It was certainly identifiable as a Philistine weapon; if not even traceable to a prior Philistine owner. David has some moxie; he runs from Saul – probably more to save Saul’s life than from fear (in my opinion) – straight into the enemy’s camp. The enemy he is known for routing and annihilating. The king-in-the-wings is confident of his King of the Universe, the Sovereign God. 

Lord, I desire to be that bold and sure of Your hand on my life. I want to have great exploits in Your Name; but I also don’t like to even get sweaty … conundrum. I am, by nature, a wimp and a pursuer of peace; but I desire to be valiant and courageous for You. I don’t even have the scope of imagination to dream of what You might like for me to do – but I want to. Even when I whimper, I do want what You want. I don’t want to get to the end of this little life and know I played it safe. I don’t think that’s what You call any of us to do – But I want to play it honorably, nobly, worthily – I want this time to count for Your Kingdom, not my comfort. I just keep waking up in ordinary circumstance. Open my eyes to the Kingdom calls in the dailyness of my life. Rebuke the mundane, the mediocre, the middling from my life-tunes playlist and install Your recherche’ roster for the call of duty You have privileged me to fulfill. You are worthy. I want to live that way.

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