Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1 Samuel 11

... for today the Lord has accomplished salvation in Israel.

Elohim, I pray that today, You would accomplish salvation in Israel and beyond.  I pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.  I pray that the descendants of Abraham would know You as the One True God and worship You in unity.  My Messiah, I pray for those who come from Abe, Issy and Jake, that they and their families would embrace You as their Messiah.  Holy Spirit, it is well-said that this will not be by power, nor by might; but by You.  Make it so, Lord God, make it so. 

... and renew the kingdom. 

Oh God, what beautiful words.  That we would be faithful in Your purpose to renew the Kingdom, everyday.  To You alone belong honor and glory and majesty and praise.  May we ascribe all to You that we can.  and then some.

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