Saturday, March 17, 2012

1 Samuel 8

… for they have not rejected you, but they have rejected Me.
Give me eyes to see when I seek that which You have not given me as a move to choose apart from Your perfection, Your infinite wisdom, Your supreme sovereignty. Even when I whine and wiggle on the altar of living sacrifice, I do (overarchingly) want what You want for me.

… you shall solemnly forewarn them …
Not sarcastically, not haughtily, not quietly, not threateningly, not manipulatively… but solemnly.
Forewarn. Not wait until it’s too late; make sure they know and choose with knowledge the path they take. Forewarning comes from a heart of love, not pride, malice nor insecurity.

God, may I hear Your words and speak them in love, with the solemnity and precision they deserve. May I always remember that You clothe us in strength and dignity and exercise that authority in my lateral relationships. I pray that no one You entrust to me will ultimately resist or reject You. To You alone be praise and glory.

“… “No, but …”
God help us. Please keep me, stop my mouth, hinder my senses if these words attempt to be my response to You. Move me, break me, shake me, Lord; but don’t let me react in this spirit.

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