Saturday, March 24, 2012

First World Babylon Problem 3.24.12

So, the Starbucks FWB situation I promised and may I say, I really like their tea and their facilities, before I begin.

And, it wasn't so much a problem as a hostage situation.........

The other night, I ordered and large (venti, I think...i don't speak SB so good) hot tea with a large (whatever) cup of ice and I paid for it (that part is important). Several people behind me stepped up, ordered their fancy, fru-fru some-kinda-latte-ociatta "beverages" and snacks. Four separate groups received their mysterious thick, green drinks and steaming cups of dark brews from the acrid underworld (not a fan of coffee, anyone's coffee); but I could not get my cup of hot water poured over two teabags and a cup of ice despite my polite requests - repeated polite requests and my standing stupidly at the counter expecting to grab my simple lil cuppa. 

I sat down, I got up, I sat down, I asked "please, could I?" I was told that they were taking care of it and it was almost done and just a couple more minutes and I'd be called when it's done. I assured them I was happy to babysit my tea; but they declined. I promised them that I was really okay with taking it and working out the details myself; but they said, "No. It's complicated." Several things ran quickly through my head - not one of them made it to my mouth...thank You Holy Spirit. 

I tried my best to look puzzled and not annoyed, saying that it would be NOT-complicated for me and that I would STILL be pleased to see the thing out (and could I please have my tip back!). The trio behind the counter offered that it was close to being done, then they could shake it over ice (or something like that - it was like a foreign language they were speaking...) Then, one of those darling lil barristas in black and green spoke in a confidential (and a bit condescending) stage whisper, "We don't want you to pour it out on the floor and we would have to clean it up." I again offered words to the effect that I would take care of the whole thing - clean up and all. Then, the "gracious" one steps in and states, "Well, we don't want you to spill the hot water on yourself and get burned....." I pledged that I would not, under any circumstances spill, burn or report such activity to anyone, even if such things would happen (like I would waste tea! humph!). 

I quietly asked God to help me and He did. For some inexplicable reason, they did hand over both cups, without gunfire, collateral damage or any further begging from me. The thing is, I have ordered my tea like this from this very place ever since they opened...It wasn't a new dance I was trying to teach them. So, when you hear me say I want my tea, straight up, on the rocks, not shaken, not stirred, and nobody gets hurt; please know: 1. fan of 007 2. I must be in Starbucks 3. I really do know people are more important than tea - it's just a lot easier to remember when the cup is in my hand. =+} thanks for hanging in there for the rest of the story.

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