Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First World Babylon Problem 3.21.12

So, First World Babylon problem update: The washer was (finally) picked up for repair (which will be over $600 - but Lg has said they are taking care of that minor detail, PRAISE GOD), now one of the hoses is ruined (no one's fault) and the other faucet is broken (sigh). So we now look for a plumber and hope that it happens before the washer is repaired... It is not easy to have or not have a washer ... but I choose contentment on this day (as we are well into the third month of this grueling dance of ... i don't even have words for this). God is good, laundry is dirty; but it's okay. We are well. And this so isn't a big deal is the grand scheme of things.

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