Friday, March 2, 2012

Judges 18

And there was no deliverer because it was far ….

Lord God, I praise You and thank You for Your faithfulness to me. You never wander off after a better  offer or try and trade up from me. Amazing. I am so grateful to You, too, because there is never a “far” with You; You are immediate, the Great I AM. Thank You because I know the peace I have is from You and not because I (am deceived to think I) am off the radar of the enemy. You are my ever-living, ever-loving, ever-present Defender and Great High Priest. I pray that I may fully, graciously and authentically respond to You today. Grow me up in You, Lord Jesus. Holy Spirit, please cultivate my God-gratitude and teach me to reciprocate according to Your design.   i long to finish our dance and to follow Your divine lead.

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