Monday, March 26, 2012

1 Samuel 17

David said that he had done these things; but it was the LORD Who had delivered him in those instances. David engaged in the physical doing what he was supposed to do … God of the Universe did the actual delivering.

Lord God, Commander of the Host Armies, my King, I praise You and thank You for Your very great and faithful deliverance of me. Holy Spirit, keep me devoted to the Kingdom that I may stand firm and fulfill my responsibilities in this arena – always mindful and confident of the deliverance which comes not from my hand, but from on High.

Also, precious Lord, Davey’s brother identified pride and insolence in him … that is always a battle for Your people. Please teach me to engage that giant as intently and defiantly (as I am Yours, not mine….self-pride has no part in Your handmaiden – let me rebel against it, in Your Name) as Dave did the one from Gath. I want to walk humbly with my God, not have a prideful and/or insolent anything. Slay that part of me and deliver me…help me to do my part on the battlefield.

May my efforts bring You much glory and make You crazy-famous in my little life. In the Name and for the Name of the LORD of Hosts. At the end of this battle, no one but the brothers knew David’s name; but everyone knew the Name of his God. Crazy-famous, Lord…You alone are worthy.

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