Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Judges 16

We open with Samson sinning before taking hold of the doors of the city gate (weren’t these made of bronze?), uprooting the posts and carring them off on his shoulders. He is then bound with bronze shackles and imprisoned. Closing scene is Samson praying and then pushing down the support piillars in triumph.

Samson was bound by that which he had power over when the Spirit was with him.
Samson thought his power was in externals and observations … in something he did or didn’t do. Or worse that it was from himself as he thought with his newly shaved head.
Lord, help me to gratefully rely on Your power and not my might that I may walk in victory and freedom all the days of this earthly experience. Holy Spirit, may I never be deceived into thinking that what I do or from what I refrain defines me or empowers me. God help me to never be tricked into thinking that it is of me. Grant me sufficient eyes to see where I am about to be enslaved to a thing or idea…that I may recognize and repent of my own prideful folly…especially a thing which You have given me success over in the past. may I never think so much of me that I fail to listen to Your precious Spirit or anyone You sovereignly choose to speak truth to me. Thank You that Your gifts and callings are irrevocable – help me to do it Your way though.

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