Saturday, February 11, 2012

Joshua 22

An awesome altar was built and war was almost declared as a result. Both sides were trying their best to honor God and pursue Him. Neither consulted Him. Both were convinced they were right, they’d been comrades in arms just before this. Honorable discharges and praise had been given…and war was hovering in the spiritual and physical atmosphere at the peak of such fulfillment of God’s promises.

God help me to remember that my brothers and sisters are not the enemy, not my enemy. I must always consult You before I react, plan, or move out or on. You are not glorified when I jump to conclusions, help me to pray for others when they do about me. Keep me from responding or planning in fear, as I KNOW You are trustworthy always. May I assume the best and lovingly inquire of others. Lord, I desire that You alone lead me and that Your fame would be known and Your healing would be received. Help me to be mindful and prayerfully investing in future generations to the continuing of Your great and mighty Kingdom.

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