Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Joshua 12

These are the kings of the land whom the children of Israel defeated, and whose land they possessed on the other side of the Jordan toward the rising of the sun …

The enemies were defeated and the land possessed. God, I want this testimony to be true for me. God, help me follow You into triumph over our enemies, and let me P.O.SS.E.SS. the land, not merely inspect it or know about it. God I want to dwell in victory and fully occupy that which You have for me and to the praise and glory of You. Be famous in my life and the land.

On the other side of the Jordan. Now that they are in the Promised Land, the former familiar is now ‘the other side’ ~ God, keep me from trying to bring the other side with me. Focus me that I may view everything in the perspective of Your glorious and risen Son.

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