Sunday, February 12, 2012

Joshua 23

Do not invoke the names of their gods…

It is no small matter to call out the name of a lesser god. If I am not calling on the One True God Almighty, then I am soliciting His devil – regardless of what name I use. When I invoke, I petition, I authorize, I appeal to whomever I am addressing. I am claiming him/her/it as an authority. I do not ever want to do this, but I think I do…’I have a terrible memory’= god of convenience or laziness or self-absorption. ‘I distract easily’ = goddess of shiny, a.k.a. goddess of inattention or the me-focused idol. ‘I don’t have time’ = Baal of self-importance. Yikes, I am noticing a pattern with the lesser g.o.d.s., the names all have mine as a root.

God help me. I will not capably and consistently choose You while I am so addicted to me. Help me to comprehend the dying with You and the death to the world and its principles and protocols that I may no longer think and reason as a mere mortal. May my thoughts and words, my invoking be done as a resident of the Kingdom of Light and in full response to my great and only King Jesus. May I name only that which You give me words to speak and that which brings You best glory, my God and My Salvation.

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