Sunday, February 19, 2012

Judges 6

Timid Gideon worshiped God and cut down the idolatrous places before the Spirit wrapped him up securely. His first Spirit-led act was a rallying call of unity and rebellion against the oppressors. He then seeks confirmation of God’s word with the fleece. I wonder, since he had the warriors gathered around him, for whom did Gidi ask for the demonstration … himself or all those who answered the call?

God, I praise You for making Gideon such a reserved man. You wired him to not be wild and warlike, then you made him valiant and victorious in spite of his natural inclination. Lord, I don’t know if he believed himself to be smaller and less significant than he was – a lie – and this answer to the cry of Your chosen ones was also an exercise in liberty for Gidi or if he was truly a fear-consumed man; but I ask that You do for me what You did for Gideon.

Help me respond to You, Your words, Your call to holiness, Your invitation to abandon the lesser gods in my life and culture. I pray that I would be consumed with You, my fear would be that awe and reverence which is the product of the right view of Your holiness, i would be all wrapped up in Your Spirit and completely yielded to You, Holy Spirit.

I ask that I may be useful for aggressive acts of rebellion against the enemy’s kingdom, that I would help rally Your people to Your purposes, and that I would have the discernment and courage to ask You for what is needed for the time and trial. To the praise of your very great and matchless Name.

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