Thursday, February 16, 2012

Judges 3

God left nations to test or prove Israel by, like Daniel wanted to prove the diet he requested was superior to that which came from the king’s table. A demonstration. Before the paragraph concludes, the Author and Finisher of our Faith reveals the sobering fail of His very precious chosen children. The King of the Universe’s intention was to teach the new generation war, they received it as an opportunity to intermarry and serve lesser gods. And to do evil in the sight of their Most Holy God.

Father, help me to receive that which You give to me in the fashion and form of Your perfect intention. Holy Spirit, please keep me from taking freedom with a test that I might have a worthy testimony … a good example rather than that terrible warning. Your purposes, not mine; Your intentions, not mine; Your glory, not mine. I thank You that You would provide One who would save even a rebellious one as me.

(Just for interest …Shamgar, son of Anath who saved Israel -the names mean Sword, son of Answer who delivers victoriously. That made me smile.)

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