Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Judges 1

They devoted the conquest to destruction.

 What am I devoting to destruction …. completely to God … that I work for? That I value? That I could really use? I am challenged that all aspects of my life must be devoted to God’s purposes first and only then may I walk in liberty.

They did not put out the enemy – they put them to forced labor. I am struck by the fact that what I put under me may grow strong and flip me off….leaving me under it. Help me God to not count myself strong enough to subject that which You say to remove. Don’t let me believe the lie that I am strong enough to do beyond what Your perfect wisdom has planned for me to do away with. May I purge all You call me to and cherish Your strength and wisdom over my own frailties -which market themselves as choice, reason, logic and good sense. You alone are strong…show off through my life, my God!

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