Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Joshua 19

Lord God Almighty, all these details nearly blind me…I don’t recognize these places or names; but these boundaries were critical to these tribes and clans. (I hope they still are to those who bear this heritage.) I praise You as I read and am challenged to fulfill the responsibilty of what territory You have assigned me. Help me to humbly and graciously share with a sister or brother when my assigned lot is too big for my good stewarding. It’s not about me. Help me to humbly and willingly receive from a sister or brother rather than insist on my own portion. Only by Your grace am I even standing. May we each and all fill the lots to the praise of Your Name from boundary to boundary, leaving no place or territory unestablished because it was too hard, too mountainous, too craggy, too wet, too deep, too unrewarding, too close to the border of another’s responsibility. No gaps. And may we join together to stand in faith in any gaps which are allowed by You that we may pray and await Your supply for that area. In Jesus Name.

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