Saturday, February 25, 2012

Judges 12

Shibboleth means snail and is pronounced: shab-lool’ while Sibboleth, prounounced: sib-bo’-leth, means ear of grain or wheat. I though that was interesting, maybe you did, too.

The Gileadites descended from Manasseh, Ephraim’s brother. So the Ephraimites threaten and insult their cousins. In response, the Gileadites strike the men of Ephraim who had come up against them. Seriously!??! Friendly fire is the way these folks died. Did they not have enough true enemies?

God, Lord and Worthy One, please keep me from responding with pride to anyone. Lord, I am Your servant and as such, I am defined by You. Please help me to remember that when my feelings get hurt, I am tempted to take offense, someone insults or threatens me. God help me to pray for those that call names and please help me to call only edifying and loving names – a clarion call of holiness and faith in the face of difficulty. May I not only be a speaker of faith; but one who walks in faith. Lord, keep me from participating in friendly fire and if it pleases You to use me to help diffuse such situations, that’s okay with me.

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