Friday, February 17, 2012

Judges 4

Having recently read Bishop Pillai’s* treatment of the salt covenant, I am struggling to find a specific message in this text as I keep running his words through my head. He points out the different covenants of protection and loyalty Jael makes with Sisera, (taking him into the tent, covering him with the mantle, giving salted milk rather than just water and agreeing to lie for him) and how Sisera deeded them less than satisfactory by being found in her tent space.

When Jael kills Sisera – who had been given great consideration of protection – he was in her tent, not the common area. According to Pillai, “This space is inviolate; not even the police may violate the privacy of the women’s quarters.” And Sisera deemed it necessary to his safety while insulting Jael and allowing her to deliver the penalty of breaking the salt covenant – death. The fact that she drove a tent peg through his temple speaks to his unbelief in her word …. as she could have exacted the payment in any fashion she desired. “She drove the nail into his head where the unbelief resided. So he died. His unbelief killed him.”

Pillai continues with the parallel of the salt covenant we have from God, and makes the statement “If we cannot believe this (God’s word and promises to us), and remain in the security of God’s word; if we do not believe the covenants He has made with us, then we, like Sisera, will die the death of unbelief.”

All the while partaking of partial provision, we fail to trust completely and are so deceived. Yikes. Lord God, please show me where I am tempted to not believe You, not trust completely, where I am working on any aspect of Your promises to me – as if Your word needs any help in being fulfilled. God, You are enough. I want to consistently rest in the fullness of that truth. To the praise of Your very great Name.

*Light through an Eastern Window by The Right Reverend Bishop Karnam C. Pillai, The Salt Covenant chapter

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