Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Judges 15

I keep trying to read this story as if I had never heard it, not to have a blah blah blah experience because it is so familiar. The thing which keeps coming before me is that Samson has no concern for anyone but himself. His desires, his expressions of himself, his responces. He is and there is no other. Makes me wonder how he was raised. Did Momma get too bossy with the authority given her in front of Manoah and spoil him rotten? Was Samson always so petulant and with his strength he was unstoppable? What fueled his appetite for annihilation? Just because a kid can bang cows together doesn’t mean you let him.

Lord, I am challenged in my parenting, my friendships, my circles of influence…Help me Father to love rightly and humbly. To be teachable and humble. Help me to graciously receive correction and please give it to me. Lord, where you have placed me to speak to anyone, please grant me courage (because we both know how I squirm at the thought of confrontation) to speak Your words, to love well and to address the issues You call me to.

God, I need wisdom. I want to glorify You in my relationships and my life; but I am a real jerk sometimes – but usually only when I open my mouth. I thank You for persevering with me and not throwing me out of the game. May my mouth be used to glorify You and nothing else. May my words be instructive and true. Help me not respond from my feelings, rather from my faith in You, the Hope of Glory.

Holy Spirit, please subdue my temper, lest it subjugate me. Your way, not mine own. May I walk after my Messiah’s way rather than Samson’s folly. Both had great power, authority, strength and influence; yet Christ conducted Himself in the manner befitting a King. I want to follow Him. And may You be praised all the while.

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