Saturday, January 28, 2012

Joshua 8

Achan, stoned, burned and rocks heaped up on him…then the LORD says, “Go and attach Ai again.” God’s work waits for no one. God was serious about the promise He gave them. He intended possession to be theirs and He kept them on task.

I praise You God and Father that You are focused on Your plan. I can so easily be derailed by an event, certainly one of the magnitude of Achan’s would throw me into a tailspin. But You remind Josh to keep on, to not be afraid and reiterate Your promise of acquisition and possession. You are a great God. May my thoughts reside in and on Your Words, may my actions reflect that You are my center and any work I do bring You glory.

The burnt offering brings near to God, the fellowship offering demonstrates responding and relating to God, the uncut stones of sacrifice display my Messiah through whom we have access and fellowship with the Father. You, o God, are so picturesque with Your words and Your requests. I thank You for this pictorial of Jesus and His loving work. You are so creative. Of course, You are. =}

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