Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Joshua 5

Lord, again one of Your chosen ones does not recognize holy when he sees it, experiences it. Help me to know; teach me holy, tell me as You have told Joshua and Moses what is the holy that I may respond rightly to the praise and reverence of Your very great Name. Invade and pervade all of my spirit, soul, strength and mind by Your Holy.
Circumcise the sons of Israel…for the wilderness-born people had not been circumcised. The Lord God may speak through a donkey and all creation does testify of Him; but His people will be marked by obedience to Him. Help me to be careful in my life to obey and encourage others to honor You, too. Please don’t let me slide for forty years in disobedience only to have a hasty pruning done on my life or self that I may comply with Your requirements. May I yield – SUBMIT to Your Word and Spirit everyday. Show me where I am presently slacking and make me ready. Trust and obey, may that be the way that my life is expressed in response to You always. Your Name not mine. And help me not struggle with the ramifications of this; but only trust You more. I love YOU, LORD of my life. Help me to love you the way You deserve and the way You created me to.

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