Saturday, January 21, 2012

Joshua 1

The Lord God said to Joshua, “Moses my servant is dead …”

Sometimes I just need God to give me a truth – to shut that door, to remind me of what i already know but am having trouble getting beyond. To lovingly speak a hard or difficult thing to me that I may get on with His plan. Thank You God for not leaving me stuck nor forgetting about me. Please continue to speak to me in all ways that bring You best and most pleasing glory, please use me to help encourage my bro’s and sis’s in a similar fashion. And grant me courage to speak Your words.

God: Be strong, vigorous and very courageous. Be not afraid neither be dismayed…
The People: Only be strong, vigorous and of good courage.

I am sitting in Panera and a beautiful, middle eastern family has seated themselves next to me. The father is speaking in their home tongue apparently trying to convince at least one of the many children to try cheddar cheese. He is louder than the rest of the restaurant and quite adamant about his point. He is also obviously speaking in love to them, in his very authoritative and noticeable voice. The teen son who appears to have been a bit reticent about the dairy experience responds quietly. I suddenly feel like I am peeking into a modern day Joshua story. A quiet, timid boy, sure of his convictions is being told to do something he does not want to do. Respectful of authority he tries the cheese (and hates it…as he knew he would). But he was brave enough to try a new thing. After the firm direction from his father. It’s been that way his whole life, not wanting to attempt something unfamiliar, not wanting to deviate from the norm, the known, the established. His family and those in his circle of influence will know this about him. He may even be exploited for this characteristic, unless he remembers that his authority is God, the One True Lord of All. God, I pray that this family would know You and love You as the God of their father Abraham and their own.

Everyone seemed to know our Joshua was in need of being encouraged and reminded to not be fearful. God and the people. And they all spoke that encouragement to him. Lord make me a better encourager and help me to walk in Your authority. Josh was one of two who had believed You and spoke up about it in the previous generation-but it seems that was a stretch for his natural demeanor. Make me braver than I want to be, Lord help me to be strong, vigorous and of great courage in You….even though my reputation as a timid person precedes me. Use me for Your purposes, not my preferences. And remind me that I need not be afraid of their faces as I am Yours.

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