Friday, January 20, 2012

Deuteronomy 34

And Moses the servant of the LORD died, just as the LORD had said, without crossing over into the land of promise.

Even though God knew there’d be generations of people who would root for Moses to be able to enter the land he had been focused on for years; He maintained His holiness and integrity by keeping Moses to Himself. And Moses knew in whole what he had believed by heart – that God was his strength, his song, his salvation, his portion and his very great reward as that same God of the Universe, who knew Moses face to face, guided Moses to His most holy dwelling and welcomed him into His everlasting rest.

Holy Father, may I, in response to You being my strength, live strong and mighty for Your Name’s sake and not wimp out spiritually, emotionally, intellectually or physically. May Your praises be the soundtrack of my walk, the harmony of my life and the rhythm of my soul. May I be saved everyday from myself, this world and the enemy’s efforts as I humbly (may it be humble, Lord) work out my salvation with fear and trembling to the glory of your Name. May I relentlessly find soul-deep satisfaction in my relationship with You, for You are my Portion, my abundant, mind blowing, cup spilling over Portion. And may I always consider You my Treasure, my Reward, my Prize and not look to anything else to reassure me or pat me on the back. Nor may I succumb to self-pity when I experience what i would deem a severe mercy, for You, and not an outcome nor a promised land long awaited, are my REWARD. You rock and rule the universe You created. Glory to You.

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