Monday, January 23, 2012

Joshua 3

“Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do wonders among you.”…  not an immediate gratification for getting ready, living ready. Help me to delight in that delay as well as the realization of Your promises.  

 ”follow at a distance” not up close like you’d prefer.

Are the water-heaping-up wonders not done because of a lack of consecration and obedience? oh Lord, educate me in the school of consecration and yieldedness. Wrench my pride and my comfort from me that i may experience and participate in Your wonders of each day. Help me to wait on Your ways rather than to be a full-time bridge-builder over the Jordan’s in my life.

The previous consecration yielded the wonder of the next day. Where am I setting my heart and mind each day? If I don’t daily choose actively to pursue God, I am passively choosing not-God. This thing, this life, this wondrous relationship won’t happen by accident or neglect. Help me knowingly and willfully choose You everyday.

The LORD said to Joshua, “Today I will begin to exalt you…”  

Lord God, Sovereign King of the Universe and my little life, help me not to worry about what You’ve called me to do nor my reputation. If You desire me to have impact, You will take care of those arrangements-I don’t need to fuss with the details nor stress about connections. Keep me prayerful and spiritually mindful of what You call me to do that I may be ready for whatever journey or day trip You have planned for me. Lord, the longer I live the more I know that I truly don’t know anything about how to do this right and the more I realize how much I need You. I invite You to show off extra big in my life, my heart and my spirit today that I may increasingly and winsomely exalt You in those same places. and beyond.

Thank You God and Father, Jesus and Savior, Holy Spirit and Comforter, for doing what You say You will. You are faithful. And I praise You for that quality this morning.

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