Sunday, March 13, 2011

Epic Fail, Epic Prevail

Sometimes, the God of the Universe will invite me to try a new experience and I will, with amazing clarity, focus and conviction, give Him an impressive (at least to me) list of reasons  why that suggestion would prove to be an epic fail.  It amazes me that I can, without a moment's notice, argue myself into a place of loss without even contemplating any effort towards the offer or consideration of success.  Why would the Lord of All Time and Space bring something to me that He did not wish me to encounter?  Does He want me to practice saying "I am so very flattered; but no, thank You"?  I don't think that's it.

So, why is my knee-jerk (emphasis on jerk, by the way) reaction "NO!"?  Were I to imagine this as an opportunity to dance with Him, albeit, to new music and on an unfamiliar dance-floor, perhaps I could envision a positive outcome...possibly, a good learning experience...perchance, I may discover that I am good at that dance...maybe the experience would be an epic prevail...if I would only trust Him.

Why would He ask me to dance if He thought I should refuse Him?  Why invite me to join Him if He really wanted me to do something else?   Do I hallucinate in thinking that I can ruin the God of Heaven and Earth or mess up His plans?  Why do I judge poorly so many things about myself in light of the fact that He has considered the offer valid and worthy?  Who am I to say "no" to the Lord of Lords and King of Kings?  That answer is never right to earthly monarchs; how much more egregious to the Sovereign Lord?

I hope He still wants to dance with me...

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