Friday, March 25, 2011

2 John

love one another = walk in His commandments

I love best when I obey best.  

Love and worship God exclusively, honor Him, His Name and His day relentlessly, love others and myself identically.

Adherence to these commands yields loving best.  Not complicated.  Until I figure myself into the equation.

Father, help me love and obey just as You desire.  Please cure my self-preservation instincts and let me remember to trust that You have me so I can be useful to You for loving others.  I know You are completely trustworthy.  You are perfectly faithful.  You are Flawless.  I am overwhelmed.   Please keep me close that I may not miss a word You have for me.  You and I both know how I distract; Holy Spirit, please teach me or grant me focus.  Thank You that You have spoken to me.  May I be faithful with Your gift.

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