Sunday, March 6, 2011

1 Timothy 4 Godliness and the Art of Surfing

Train yourself in godliness... for godliness is of value in every way as it holds promise in this life and the next.

Godliness benefits now and eternally later.  Win/win.  

It is not a gifting; but requires training to attain...never an "I have arrived" but an "I'm spiraling up" towards the goal of godliness.

I must participate - training for godliness is not a passive activity. Sadly, a sea of godliness won't wash over me and make me godly.  

Godliness is more like surfing; therefore, I must commit to the activity and equip myself for the purpose of surfing (being godly)  by learning what it does and doesn't look like (consider the godly examples God has provided me).   I must lay down the snorkeling equipment (sinful/other behavior) and pick up the surf board (Word of God).  I must get wet (leave the safe environs of the church or my bedroom) and I must try to get up on the board in the waves (practice godliness in the real world with real people with real issues).  Having the right attire helps, too, (putting on the Lord Jesus and the full armor of God) as formal wear would only hinder the surfing - no matter how darling the outfit.  I must assume the correct position (bow down and humble myself) or I will never get up, much less ride the wave.  Additionally, I must be on the right part of the board as one or both of us will flip wildly into the air (obeying the Lord's instructions, yielding to His priorities and not my preferences and going where He directs).  Be mindful of other surfers so I don't ram them with my board (esteeming them as better than myself and not running over them with my enthusiasm and efforts).  It always helps to make sure I am in full view of the LifeGuard and listening for His voice to coach me away from the rocks and sharks.  Never fight the LifeGuard when He comes to save me from whatever the sea holds for me.

FatherGod, Creator of the Surf, Teach me godliness, grow me in godliness, let me flourish in godliness.  I want to imitate You.  I want to be like You.  I want to participate in Your work as You have designed me to do. 

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